Fall and Spring Projects.

The Knubble Bay Committee will be out in force the first full weekend in April opening the cabin up for the season. Some of the items on the list are of course weather dependent. Snow is just starting to melt around here with no solid guarantee we wont get more before spring finally takes hold.  Still, work is planned out on Beal Island and around the cabin exterior as well as improvements on the interior.

One of the committee members has built a new table for the dinning area. I’m told it will seat plenty of people. We’ll find out how many next weekend.  We’ll also finish up some tile work that was started last fall.

Speaking of last fall, some major cabins upgrades were accomplished last October.  The wood shed was finished, the afore mentioned tile project was started and the new well was christened. The well and the deck that surrounds it are major improvements. We have installed a better pump and the whole thing is now on the same level as the kitchen. If you’ve stayed at the cabin before you’ll understand just how nice this is compared to the old well and pump.

If you’ve not stayed at the cabin now would be a great time to book a visit.  After the winter Maine’s had, it’s going to be a glorious summer. We deserve it.

Testing the first cup of water drawn from the new well.

Our crack tile crew.

The finished woodshed and our deck crew hard at work.


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